Web Counter

A web counter or hit counter is a computer software program that indicates the number of visitors, or hits, a particular webpage has received. Once set up,these counters will be incremented by one every time the web page is accessed in a web browser. The number is usually displayed, with image or text, as an old inline digital image, a plain text or an old mechanical counter. Image renderization of digits may use a variety of fonts and styles; the classic example is the wheels of an odometer. The counter is often accompanied by the date it was set up or last reset, otherwise it becomes impossible to estimate within what time the number of page loads counted occurred. Some web counters were simply web bugs used by webmasters to track hits and included no visible on-page elements. Counters were popular in the 1990s, later replaced by other web traffic measures, at first by self hosted scripts such as Analog, later on more typically remote systems that used JavaScript, like Google Analy…

Google Advertising

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Facebook Advertising

Looking out for an advertising forum, Facebook is the place to be. The social media has proved itself successful since its inception on an overall basis. Advertising and marketing through Facebook goes hand in hand. It is the best place to launch your business, promote your venture, share the ideas and concepts and let the audience help it grow. If your brand is not on Facebook - the world’s most popular social network with a billion users – then you are missing out on reaching a large bank of potential customers for your business. Now, if your brand is on Facebook, are there enough users who are engaging with your brand? If you answered NO, then that’s where Facebook Marketing & Advertising will help you. Marketing on FacebookDrive Online SalesIncrease Local SalesPromote Your AppRaise Brand Awarness SuccessThe foremost concern while marketing is always regarding its success quotient. Facebook is a world renowned social platform. Although it is easy to create a page and start with…

Social Media Marketing Company

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Social Media is currently the biggest buzz in the digital marketing environment because of its widespread reach that continues to grow at a staggering rate. More people spend their time online on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and others. Social Media Marketing helps you achieve so much more with so much less that it has emerged as a platform you cannot ignore if you want to succeed. Social Media Marketing allows you to: Strengthen your brandGenerate leadsGet more visibility onlineConnect with your audienceSocial Media Marketing Strengthen Your Brand If you can use social media the right way, it can be one of the best ways to build your brand – and the quickest too. More and more brands now want to invest more in social media marketing to build their brand reputation by reaching new followers. The massive heterogeneous user base of sites like Facebook and Twitter make them the best plat…


Bing Marketing and Advertising "If You're Not Marketing on Bing You're Missing 33% of U.S. Searchers"We all know the importance of search engines today and its influence over our day to day lives. Just like Google has always been there for our rescue, Bing is just as equal. Bing is a web search engine that is launched and managed by Microsoft. The Bing ads are designed to impart pay per click advertising in both the Bing and Yahoo search engines respectively. In fact, Bing is increasingly becoming popular among the people for all the good reasons. 

As per records, Bing is believed to hold a massive 33% of the users from US in its basket. The Bing ads are created impressively mainly by keeping the focus upon its target audience, specific area and following a strict criteria through which the potential customers can be lured to the websites through the attractive ads.
Advantages of Bing Marketing and AdvertisingBing Ads Will Help You Reach 33 Percent of U.S. Consumers.…

Google Display Advertising

"Try it you'll like it, Display Advertising is the Best forget the Rest!!"The Google Display Advertising is a globally used and highly popular search platform. Through this, various businesses across the world display their respective work through the use of texts, visuals, images, interpretations and much more that are relevant to their websites. It is a very passive advertising platform that helps to reach the maximum number of users on the internet. Google makes use of the AdWords system to continue its advertising service. This is further split into two sets, namely Display and Search. The functioning of the AdWords system allows numerous businesses to advertise their work online. Our work is entirely dedicated towards the betterment of our clientele. We offer the best online display advertising services in Washington, DC. As we know and realize the importance of one’s business, we, thereby, make sure that our client’s banner ads are striking and distinctive enough …